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K2n's energy monitoring and optimisation software chosen as the automatic monitoring and feedback system for the prestigious iSERVcmb EU project.
K2n receive EU183,000 towards R&D for the EU EcoThermo project.
K2n system released with new HVAC and Process functionality
K2n Energy Reporting & Optimisation System (EROS)

K2n Ltd. have produced a powerful cloud based Energy Reporting & Optimisation System that uses a radically different approach to existing meter-based energy monitoring systems.

We are able to provide bespoke profiles for your Building and Systems (HVAC, Lighting & Small Power). This is made possible by our 7,000+ benchmarks which are produced at the component, space and activity level. This level of analysis allows K2n to: provde reports down to the level of a space and component on a sub-hourly basis as well as the ability to optimise Buildings and Systems by automatically highlighting Energy Conservative Opportunities.

Home of iSERV: Inspection of HVAC Systems through continuous monitoring and benchmarking

The iSERV project is about showing the practical operation and benefits of an automatic monitoring and feedback system, as now allowed for in the recast EPBD, applied to Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems in EU Member States (MS).

It is an important project as previous work has indicated real savings of up to 60% are achievable in individual HVAC systems through the iSERV project approach. It has the support of two main professional bodies for HVAC systems in Europe CIBSE and REHVA and eight universities across Europe, as well as input and interest from HVAC component manufacturers and property developers.

The project uses K2n's Energy Reporting & Optimisation System for the configuration and has over 1700 live HVAC systems from around Europe running on the system.