K²n Platform™

The K²n Platform is a continually evolving cloud based Data Aggregation and Reporting Platform that uses a radically different approach to existing energy monitoring and reporting systems.

The K²n Platform generates bespoke profiles for buildings, spaces, systems and components (HVAC, lighting & small power). It does this using 7,000+ unique benchmarks at the component, space and activity level. These benchmarks enable the K²n platform to generate reports down to space and component level on a sub-hourly basis, as well as the ability to help improve buildings and systems use by highlighting energy conservation opportunities.

McKenzie House RAC chart

Using the K²n process, McKenzie House, a twelve storey Cardiff University Office building, has reduced its total annual electricity use by ~50% over a period of 12 years.

The platform is designed to combine estate asset details with operational data, from monthly down to sub-hourly detail, to enable clarity about where action should be taken to improve utility use and internal conditions.

  • Tailored benchmarks are produced for each building's unique blend of activities, areas and systems.
  • It is a neutral platform in terms of assessing performance. K²n uses its own unique benchmarks, derived from ongoing achieved performance by all assets on the platform.
  • The benchmarks exist at the level of components, activities and spaces. This detail, combined with operational data, enables the platform to calculate achieved operational performance from the level of a country right down to individual activities, spaces and components.
  • The platform enables the detail for buildings and estates to be assembled over time from a simple initial basic data requirement, enabling a structured move towards using operational data in the management of assets.
  • The asset and operational data collected is stored in an industry standard database format, enabling easy data transfer into and out of the database.
  • Experience of operation across Europe shows an average ROI > 200%.

The platform's database contains nearly 2,000,000m² of building space and over 300,000,000 sub-hourly meter readings. This large store of data enables the K²n system to be able to calculate and refine the 7,000+ unique benchmarks.