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Contractors are required to use the K²n iSERV methodology to automatically monitor and report on the energy and water use of the School. The resources needed to do this can be found here. Guidance for Contractors on use of the iSERV/K²n National Database for continuous monitoring and benchmarking of ESFA projects can be found in:

For more details, the suite of documents and tools which form part B of the requirements for school building projects are listed below. The sections show the parts of the ESFA documents where a contractor is required to undertake energy monitoring using the iSERV methodology and the K²n Platform.

The full ESFA Part B documents link can found at: The ESFA School Building documents.

Generic Design Brief

Required K²n and iSERV Sections:
  • 2.12.6 In Use Monitoring
The link to the Generic Design Brief document: Generic Design Brief.

Annex 2H Energy (Technical Annex)

Sections referring to K²n and iSERV:
  • 3.3 Actual In Use Performance
  • 5.2 Continuous Monitoring
  • 5.3 Requirement
  • 5.4 Monthly reports of achieved performance
  • 5.5 Data required
The link to the Annex 2H Energy Technical Annex document: Annex 2H Energy (Technical Annex).

Annex 2I Controls (Technical Annex)

Sections referring to K²n and iSERV:
  • 2 General Philosophy and Strategy. Table 1 Summary of Requirements for Control and Monitoring
  • 2.4.2 Sub-Metering Requirements
The link to the Annex 2I Controls Technical Annex document: Annex 2I Controls (Technical Annex).

Building Performance Evaluation Methodology

Sections referring to K²n and iSERV:
  • Table 1 : BPE stages and requirements
  • Main metering for all the incoming utilities and sub-meters
  • The use of iSERV to continually monitor energy consumption is the required system for reporting the data
  • 4 Energy and Utility consumption
  • Appendix E In-use energy monitoring using ISERV reporting methodology
The link to the Building Performance Evaluation Methodology document: Building Performance Evaluation Methodology.